1989 Subaru - Smokey


It’s safe to say the we don’t spend much time focused on football around our house. Knowing that virtually everyone else would be glued to their screens for the big game we decided to hack Smokey’s (our 1989 Subaru wagon) fenders and go wheeling. We recently drilled out some 15″ Toyota Tacoma steelies to fit the Subaru and shod them with 235/60/15 snow tires. The overall gain was about a 2.5″ lift but the tires rubbed on the fenders in a moderate turn.

A grinder and an hour is all we needed to prepare Smokey for some more wheel clearance. The net effect was overall very pleasing. The three of us boys headed up toward Valsetz, forked off at Teal creek and found an overgrown skidder trail to test our work.

All in all, the best way I can think of to spend Superbowl Sunday. Two great young men, an old Subaru and miles of backroads without football loving yahoo in sight.


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