Rhino Redneck Rocket 1

The World’s Fastest Rhino

A lot of rules, laws, legislation and general regulation of life is an effort to save those who can’t seem to think for themselves. Danger is a part of innovation. Trials lead to discovery. The more we try to keep people alive the more we stifle creativity. There needs to be some space in the world for those who think to take non-bulletproof-risks. We need to apply the skills we have, with the materials on-hand to achieve and innovate.

This next project should probably be regulated because it’s neither well-thought-out, nor safe in any way.

The goal is to build a CAS straight-line racer out of bike frames I have on hand and an old Subaru ‘bluebird’ 130cc engine. Here’s the 3D rendering that inspired me:

1915 Board tracker rendering from Craig Kitzmann

1915 Board tracker rendering from Craig Kitzmann

My version is a little less cool, but at least I have real metal and an engine to work with.

Rhino Motorcycle

The beginnings

I doesn’t look like much, but add an engine and straddle this death-trap an I think you’ve got the makings of a glorious redneck ¬†flameout!

Redneck Rocket

Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be adrenaline junkies.

Some drawings…

Rhino Redneck Rocket 1

Initial drawings

Rhino Redneck Rocket 2

Another possibility – if I had a metal shop…

Really, this is about seeing how fast you can make a little engine hurl you against the forces of gravity and wind drag. Here’s the heart of it all:

Rhino Engine.

The heart of it all.

Time will tell if this is just another bad idea, ending in pain and sorrow, leading to more legislation and regulation.


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