James Torpey's Vintage Bultaco Flat Tracker

Flat Track Family

Race nights have a certain energy about them. The smell of burned race fuel, the announcer getting racers on deck to keep things flowing, and the ubiquitous sound of the race engine ringing through the night air.

Tonight was a little different. Practice laps, tune, more laps, tune again, more laps; it’s the night to get dialed in. So it was tonight that I decided to get some ‘studio’ shots of some of the racers and their bikes. I love this kind of evening. I get to hear people’s stories about their bikes, why they race and what keeps them coming back, Here’s a few shots from the evening.

Flat Track Father and son.

Slideways_67 and his dad. “We were at this race and all these guys kept coming up and talking to my dad. Harley guys, Triumph guys. I was like, ‘I guess he wasn’t shittin’ me when he said he was a pretty good racer.'”, Skyler says.

Andy DiBrino and his new ICON 1000 gear

Andy DiBrino sporting his new ICON 1000 look.

Kelly and 303 after some laps on the flat track

“Let me pull my hair around so they know I’m a girl”, Kelly says before I snap the photo. She’s a girl alright, but you better stay on the throttle…

James Torpey and his Bultaco that he bought brand new

“I worked two summers at a furniture factory to buy this back when I was a kid.”, James Torpey tells me about his Bultaco. This is what it’s all about.

Aiden and his mechanic and grandad

Aiden and his mechanic and grand dad. There’s no doubt that racing runs in the blood.

ICON 1000 Dressed Honda Flat Tracker

ICON dressed Flat Traker

Andy DiBrino with his ICON 1000 Dressed Bike

The folks at ICON decided Andy was their man for the flat track. They got his ride looking pretty sweet.