Lily, ready to ride on the sidecar hack

Sidecar Superhero

The old axiom, “Necessity is the mother of invention” has a gaping hole in its logic; the drive to create even when there’s nothing lacking. Compared to most of the world, I live the richest, most opulent and adorned life one could ever hope for, yet my desire to...

Brad Baker racing in vintage leathers

Salem Flat Track Season Finale

It was another great night out at the Salem Indoor Flat Track races. Tonight was the winter season finale and there was some super racing. My favorite part was Brad “The Bullet” Baker’s vintage style leather racing outfit. Very classy. Here’s a link to more of the photos: Salem...

1989 Subaru - Smokey


It’s safe to say the we don’t spend much time focused on football around our house. Knowing that virtually everyone else would be glued to their screens for the big game we decided to hack Smokey’s (our 1989 Subaru wagon) fenders and go wheeling. We recently drilled out some...

Keenen and Georgia, the 1972 Suzuki TS185

Georgia, the 1972 TS185 that saved the day

For anyone who’s been following our progress with Georgia, the $200 TS185 Keenen bought a few months ago you know it’s been quite a path to get to a running bike. Well we finally got her running recently. It was a moment of pure joy for us. Hugs, high-five’s,...

The One Moto Show 2013

Custom Bikes and my $900 Hipster Lens

Learning love through work It’s been 10 years since I used my large format camera. Using a 4×5 film camera is a process. In religious terms it’s like Catholic High Mass versus the latte drinking worship of today’s laid-back, pentocostal brethren. There’s liturgy, routine, devotion. I grew up in...


The One Moto – 2015

The One Moto show is a testimony to the extraordinary power of the creative itch. The show, held last weekend in an old manufacturing facility in Portland, Oregon was 20,000 square feet of individual stories. Each bike, helmet and piece of art on the rustic walls told a tale of...