James Torpey's Vintage Bultaco Flat Tracker

Flat Track Family

Race nights have a certain energy about them. The smell of burned race fuel, the announcer getting racers on deck to keep things flowing, and the ubiquitous sound of the race engine ringing through the night air. Tonight was a little different. Practice laps, tune, more laps, tune again,...

Flat track motorcycle racing in Salem oregon

Saturday Night Racing

Saturday night flat track racing at Salem Speedway is a kick. There’s a lot of great riders, cool framers, and heavy dose of guts and glory. Watching young and old ‘twist it out’ is invigorating. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday night than listening...

Andy DiBrino battles it out on turn four

In the groove at Salem Speedway

Salem Speedway has a special place in my photographic heart. It’s near the bottom where you’ve got to use a flashlight and search really hard to find… Salem speedway is like shooting photos inside the Abominable Snowman Yeti. It’s a cave, and it’s worse this year than last. Regardless,...

The irony is, I found the missing piece as soon as I finished the new one.

Farrell’s feral ferrule

I love old motorcycles. There’s a certain bit of character that they just show up with. At times that character can manifest some trouble, but it’s usually worth it. One thing a lot of old bikes do not come with is spare parts or instructions. It’s sort of like...

Vintage Yamaha Flat Tracker

Salem Flat Track Racing

There was more great flat track racing in Salem Oregon tonight. Here’s a few images. Click here to view all the photos from the evening.                

Riding with the boys - a view from the back of the pack

Ride, regardless

My face shield was virtually opaque with mud long before we turned onto Liberty Road and headed into the lush forest lands near our home. Waiting for ‘good riding weather’ here in the northwestern USA is a lot like dating a beautiful woman who’s sick all the time, she’s...

Rhino Redneck Rocket 1

The World’s Fastest Rhino

A lot of rules, laws, legislation and general regulation of life is an effort to save those who can’t seem to think for themselves. Danger is a part of innovation. Trials lead to discovery. The more we try to keep people alive the more we stifle creativity. There needs...

21 Helmets Sneak Peek at See See Motor Coffee Co.

21 Helmets Sneak Peek

Style, art and safety are three disciplines that seem to run parallel tracks with precious few exceptions. Each discipline with its own merit seems incapable of bending to meet the other. Thor Drake believes otherwise. Thor (pronounced ‘tore’, like your jeans when you crash in the gravel…) is the...